Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day Desserts

We are going to my Aunt & Uncles tomorrow after church, and we have to bring dessert.  Today I made a few different things to bring for dessert.  First I made three Chocolate Chip Cookie Pies.  Then I made a big pan of regular apple crisp and a smaller square pan of gluten free apple crisp (there are people that are gluten free who will be there).  Then, with the leftover pie dough I made mini/individual huckleberry pies, which we had tonight.  They never turn out cute - they always pop open . . . perhaps I put too much huckleberry mixture in the inside - probably:)  Tomorrow morning, a few of us will have huckleberry crepes with the rest of the huckleberry sauce from what I made for the huckleberry pies (that was on purpose because I LOVE huckleberry crepes . . . and if you haven't ever had huckleberry's, you're definitely missing out!).

Thank you all the lovely ladies/moms/aunts in my life who have shaped me to be who I am!  I love you all so much!  I hope you have a very blessed Mothers Day and that you realize what a blessing you really are to everyone!  Happy Mothers Day!

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