Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day: Getting Ready to Party

Saturday I decided I was going to have a party today (Memorial Day).  We could only do stuff with our family, but still, it was fun.  But right now, we're going to talk about getting ready to party!!!

A few of the party supplies.

So I started to plan on Saturday what we were going to eat.

The menu conisted of the following:
Jello Cup
Veggies & Dip
Frosty Float
Blueberry & Strawberry Trifle (dessert)

I made the tags for these cups . . . if you would like them, email me here.

The link to the printables for these chip (really french-fry) bags is here.  They are kind of small, but they worked perfect for me.

The link to these is also here.  I loved 'em:)

Some wicker plate things . . . I think you're really supposed to put an actual plate on top of it, but . . . and there was only 8, so the littler kids just got paper plates.

Come back tomorrow to see how the party turned out . . . all the decorations, the food, and everything!!!

Hope you all had a blessed Memorial Day!  Remember those who served/serve our country!

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