Tuesday, March 5, 2013

"Good-bye" is not Forever

Pappa & Grandma w/ Hunter in May of 2008 - they looked so happy in this picture:)

Memories pouring back.  Pappa coming out to the van after Saturday night sauna to knock on our window's, telling us good-bye.  Grandma always feeding us with her yummy treats and giving us juice after sauna.  Of staying the night and making our very own package of jello and perhaps going to the book store.  Going for supper and eating a delicious meal Grandma had prepared.  Playing "stiff" with Pappa - it was hard, but so much fun!  Pappa doing stuff out in the woods, keeping the trails we ran around and played on nice and clean.  Bringing Pappa & Grandma to Centerville on Sunday morning's so he could preach there.  What a beautiful testimony of earthly love they have left us - they had a love that lasted for many years and grew - and you could see the love they had for each other!  And the testimony they left of our Heavenly Father's love - and now they are both together in Heaven, kneeling at the feet of Jesus, at the the throne of God.  Together forever with each other and God, and with many who have gone on before.  And all the pains and cares of this world are gone - they are no longer in physical pain and are enjoying the peace that surrounds them there, all earthly cares forgotten and singing forever with Jesus!  How beautiful it is!  Grandma can see again - her eyes have been made whole.  Pappa no longer needs dialysis - he is made whole.  They are both made whole - all their frailness and hardships are gone.  And while it yet is hard for us here left below - "Good-bye" is not forever . . . Someday we can join them on the eternal shore's of glory and we will never have to say "Good-bye" again.  How beautiful it is!

Grandma joined Pappa in eternal glory early this morning.