Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day: The Party!!!

Our party was wonderful . . . . and the food was delicious . . . I'd say so, anyways:)
Everyone ready to start eating.

Our plates loaded with hot dogs, chips, jello cup (with a dallop of whip cream and a raspberry on top), and veggies.

Our Frosty Floats . . . delicious!

Our nummy dessert ~ I'll tell you how to make this and the frosty floats tomorrow.

Some of the extra's in case people needed more . . . set on top of a picnic basket . . .perfection!

You can find this printable here.

The apple tile you've seen before . . . I simply added "all american" to it with rub-ons and mod-podged over it . . . simple & cute:)

The table runner is from the bottom of an old white skirt . . . . simply the bottom layer torn off and two pieces cut the same length . . . I actually thought it turned out pretty cute!

There were two different sizes of trifles . . .

This decoration was made from some gauzy navy fabric and some candy hearts sprinkled around it, and the doily tag I made set on top.

The hot dog basket printable is found here.

It was a lovely party . . . and it was pretty cute and frugal, too!

Have a wondrous day:)


bakersdozen said...

Good job-very cute!

Out in the Fields said...

Nicely done, Aimee! Don't you love the printables that are available now? and lots of free ones too, it makes it so much more fun to decorate.

Anonymous said...

Very cute! My kids would love a party like that. Leona

Aimee K. said...

Thanks everyone!
Karen - yes, the free printables are wonderful:)
Leona - maybe I'll have to have a party when you guys are out here:)