Saturday, May 7, 2011

Jean Ruffle Skirt

I started making this skirt last night, and then finished it this morning because we went to my pappa and grandmas last night because it was my grandmas birthday.  I just made a simple elastic jean skirt and sewed a jean ruffle on top.  I think it turned out pretty cute:)

I was going to say this is another skirt I made for Morgan, but I guess I haven't put the other one on the blog yet:)  It'll be on here sometime next week!

Also, I wanted to show everyone another bag someone ordered.  It was a Gray & Pink Copy-Cat Bag  - - it was pretty much the opposite of mine:)  And then, she ordered another one, too!  She must have liked it!  So I still haven't made the other one, but I will as soon as I get fabric.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Happy Mother's Day (a day early)!!!


Out in the Fields said...

LOVE the jean skirt! Is it for Morgan too?

Aimee K. said...

Thanks, Karen! Yes, it is for Morgan. I was going to make another one to sell, but then there wasn't quite enough of the jean fabric left. I might try to make one from recycled jeans or something . . . or maybe I'll just have to go buy some jean fabric!