Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

Last night I made this delicious pie!  Not exactly healthy, but still delicious:)  I made it without the nuts, also.  It is so simple to make, but yet delicious!  You must serve it with icecream - otherwise it might be to sweet to serve plain:)  I had it warm last night, and now I might have some this afternoon all the way cooled and see what it tastes like!

Have a wonderful day!  I can't wait for spring break next week!!!!!


Pamela said...

Yummmy! Looks really good!! U have a wonderful day too!! I can't wait for spring break either!! :-)

Tara K. said...

That pie was delicious!! Can't wait 'till you make some more:)

Out in the Fields said...

That looks "to die for" good! I think my fam would love it:)

Liberty said...

I could REALLY go for some of that pie right now!! It looks heavenly. :-)

Thanks for leaving me some support and love today. I needed it, girl.