Friday, May 13, 2011

Ruffle Skirt for Morgan

I made this cute little ruffle skirt for Morgan a bit after Morgan was born . . . love all the ruffles . . . because I tend to like ruffles!!!

Morgan Elaine

I think this was the picture mom ended up using on Morgan's announcement.  I think it turned out really cute . . . vintage suitcase, ruffley skirt, CUTE BABY, etc.

Also, I am planning on and have started making a couple of these ruffle skirts to sale . . . so you should be seeing those on here soon (AJcrazies Blog Sale) and I'll let you know they're on here on the blog!

Have a wonderful & beautiful sunny day!


Marelie said...

Hi Aimee,
The skirt is so cute with those ruffles..I envy your mom cause she has one like you.. I am 42 and yet I dont know what ruffles are and how to make! I read that you have 11 siblings?

Christine said...

Too cute,Aimee! Love them!

Kaia said...

That skirt is SO cute! I love ruffles!