Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Remembering . . .

When I was younger, many years ago (or so it seems because I'm not really sure how long ago it was when we last had this), we always had this delicious turkey loaf and gravy.

A while ago while grocery shopping in Fred Meyer, we were on the frozen food aisle and I happened to glance up and see this turkey.  I started talking about it to Mom (how we used to always have it and everything and asked her if this was what it was ~ it was:).  I asked her if we could get it and she said we could!

So we ended up having a meal Monday just like in the old days:)  Except back then I am VERY POSITIVE we did not have the caesar salad!

We got two boxes and it was plenty for our family of 14:)

So there is me remembering the old days (okay maybe not really that long ago, but . . .)

Hope everyone has had an awesome week so far!

Thanks to everyone who leaves me a little love by leaving me comments . . . it is so much appreciated and loved!

So leave me a little love . . . what's something you remember about your childhood days?


finnishamericans said...

Long ago days?? This turkey roast my Mom used to make. Makes me remember that it has also been A LONG time since I have made it. Will have to get one soon.

Out in the Fields said...

I remember having A&W root beer floats as a very special treat once in a great while, usually on Sat. night as a bedtime snack!That was when you could go to A&W and buy it by the gallon and it wasn't for sale in stores:)

Anonymous said...

I remember having that also. In the motor home it seems we had it there the most. I may have to get one too soon. Leona