Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Baker's Review Wednesday 8: Frosty Floats & Trifles

Okay people . . . these are make as you go recipes, not really any specific amounts or anything; I will just generally tell you the steps to make them!

I think everyone pretty much liked both of these items . . . I know I did!

Strawberry & Blueberry Trifles

Yellow Cake (made this from a box mix), cubed (about 1 in.)
Vanilla Pudding
Strawberries, sliced
Whipped Cream

These are really easy to make.  Simply, in either indivdual serving sizes (like jars), or a larger clear glass bowl, layer the ingredients in order given in desired amounts.  Do this a few times and you've got yourself a delicious dessert.  Refrigrate until you are serving it.

Note: These are best fresher, the day you make them.  I made them in the jars for dessert at the party, but there was leftover ingredients so I made a large bowl of it . . . it tasted fine, but it was better fresh:)

Frosty Floats

Vanilla Icecream
Root Beer (or I suppose Orange pop)

Blend together all ingredients except root beer until desired thickness and taste (like you're making a vanilla milkshake).  Pour into cup.  Pour over with pop (as if you'r making a root beer float).  Enjoy immediately!!

So there's a couple {simple} recipes for you to go try out . . . you won't be dissapointed!!

Have a wonderful, relaxing evening!!

p.s. I am literally gushing with excitement right now . . . I just checked the weather forecast, and it shows that it's supposed to be 77 degrees on Saturday and 81 degrees on Sunday!!!  Yaayyyyy!!!!!  We might finally have at least a couple days of nice sunny, summery weather!  And beginning of next week it's supposed to be in the upper 60's!  Fun, fun, fun!

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Yummy stuff and I agree YAY on the forcast!