Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Party

Yesterday, Tara (and I think Christopher & Clint, maybe), hosted a Valentine's party for our family.

We started out by decorating paper bags for valentines. 

Then we made individual heart pizza for supper. Sorry . . . no pics:(  It was soooooo good, though!!!

Passing out Valentine's

All the bags . . . you can kind of see them:)

Then we opened the bags of Valentine's . . .

Hunter Johnny - LOVE his cute grin!

Bronwyn (w/ her messy hair) & Hunter

All my Valentines . . .

Then we played a sort of bingo game.  We had a 3x3 paper card that we filled with candy hearts.  Then as Tara read off the messages from a bowl of hearts, we took that heart off the board and ate it if we had it.  First we played bingo (3 in a row) and then we played blackout.

Most of us getting ready to play the game.

My card with all my hearts . . . I Heart You; My Boy; Hello; Mad 4 U; Too Hot; No Way; First Kiss; My Hero; XOXO

Tara, our hostess.

While we were playing, I saw this little dude sitting and grinning in a little wagon . . . I happen to think my little brothers are the cutest little boys ever!!!

Walker Ray . . . Love his wide eyes:)


Someone left their Fun Dip on the table or bench or something . . . not good!  Walker got it and made a MESS!


We played another game . . . take a cup of candy hearts; get in groups of 3-? eople; make sure everyone has a spoon and using your spoon, take as many hearts as you want and pass them from person to person by spoon and dump them in the cup . . . if it falls, you have to leave it there.  Object of the game: see who can get all the hearts to the other cup first.

Clayton & Tara

Then we had a few sweets . . . but too much, seeing as we had already ate a bunch of candy!

Cookies w/ frosting & sprinkles on top.

Heart-shaped Brownies w/ frosting & sprinkles.

Marshmallows w/ frosting & sprinkles.

I love all my blog readers . . . and my family . . .  and my friends!!!


Stenersenlife said...

Tara did a good job on the party:) Hey, Aimee...been meaning to say thanks for the blog award too! That was kind of you!

Kaia said...

Fun to play games! Our party was pretty boring ;) That's a very cute picture of Walker!