Thursday, February 24, 2011

Boys & Girls Bibs ~ Trucks, Ruffles, & Flowers

I made/finished a couple of bibs today.  I had kind of already started the boy one, but I pretty much made it today.  The girl one I designed and finished today.  The boy one is a lot simpler than the girl one, but I think they're both pretty cute!

Mom made the actual bib of both of these a long time ago (I found them in the cupboard recently and decided I should do something to them to make 'em cute).  I want to get the supplies to make the bibs and then decorate some to sale/give as gifts, because I really like them and enjoy making them:)

This is the boy bib.  I put a little truck with button wheels at the bottom.  I just quickly drew a template for the truck.  It's a pretty simple bib, but I thought it was cute anyways:)  I think if I made more bibs, I might do some different colors because white might be soiled to easily:(

Close up of the truck.
The other bib I made a girl one.  I did a ruffle and a couple flowers on it, using pink, brown, and white fabric.  This one isn't quite as plain as the boy one:)

Love the pink & brown combination of colors:)

On my 4-year old sister - as my model for this bib ~ haha, she's a little old to be wearing a bib, but that's okay:) (I was going to have my little bro, Walker, model the boy one, but he wouldn't stay still for me!)

I made the same type of flowers for these that I used on the Pink Poppy Headband.  I just stitched around the edges of the circles to keep it from fraying too much, since it'll be washed:)

This is what I woke up to see this morning - actually the first thing I saw after I got out of bed was the roof and snow falling, but so what:)  I think trees are SOOOO pretty when they're covered with snow.  It's snowing again now:)  Probably is other places around here, too.  We didn't have school today, and from what I hear, most people in a wide area range didn't have school!  We're finally getting actual snow here; the last time we got REAL SNOW, like lots of it, was before Thanksgiving!  Hope you all had a wonderful day off, if you did have it off!  And I hope you had a wonderful day even if you did have to go to school or work:)  Have an awesome evening!

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