Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ramblings of My Week

This week I've simply spent my time going to school, crafting a bit, going to Ramona's, and reading. 

So for school, I've started this project about dinosaurs in science - no that is NOT exciting at all:(  For English, we're reading a play called The Miracle Worker about Annie Sullivan helping Helen Keller learn to communicate.  Geometry we finished the chapter we're working on and took the chapter test today.  Textiles and Apparel we started to use the machines today by sewing on paper.  Yeah, that's school, and really not all too exciting.

We went to Ramona's yesterday since we had a Waiver Day.  Who ever came up with the idea of having the no school days in the middle of the week - why not have it on a Monday or Friday so we can have a long weekend???  We went for lunch and Clara was also there.

I finally got some new books to read.  A few Love Inspired books came from the library and more should be coming so I'll get to keep having some good books to read.  For a while I've been reading books that I've already read before, which is fine, but it's always funner to read new books:)

So what have all you been doing lately?  Hope you've had a fun week so far!!!


Brooke said...

School is always so enjoyable :P haaaha. Anyway i always like to look at your blog, wish i had a little of that creativeness in me! :)

Aimee K. said...

Thanks, Brooke! Yeah, well, I suppose school is kind of fun sometimes . . . :)