Saturday, February 19, 2011

More Headbands & Ramblings

Lately, I've made a few headbands - like one every day!  I guess, though, that's okay, because I wear a headband like every day so it's okay to have a variety:)

In advance, sorry about the horrible pictures:(

Another Simple Lace Headband ~ this time I only put elastic in the back.  (yes, this pic is blurry.)

Ribbon & Ruffle Headband (elastic in the back on this one, too)

Close up of the Ribbon & Ruffle Headband.

No name for this one . . . it's a made of a silky fabric and it's kind of hard to work with (I'm making a skirt out of this fabric - this was some of the scraps from the fabric) . . . elastic in the back of this one, too:)

Yesterday, I put a pocket in a couple skirts (have to have pockets for my insilin pump (I have diabetes).
I experimented putting pockets on the front this time, rather than in the side seam . . . I like the better on the front, and they're WAY easier to put on!  Most skirts though, unless you make them, you have to put the pocket in the inside:(

I started this Mile-a-Minute Frog Quilt a LONG time ago when I got these embroidered frog squares from my grandma (who got them from a garage sale, I think) and I finally started working on it again.  All the blocks are sewn together, now I just need to add the border to it to finish the front.  Then I need to do the back, quilting, and binding.

Yesterday was Gender Defender day at school.  The girls wore pink and the boys blue (well, they were supposed to, anyways!).  So really, the thing is, I don't have all that much pink clothes, even though it is my favorite color.  So I had this pink long sleeve shirt, so I layered a gray sweater over it, and a limey green scarf.  I also pinned a flower I made Thursday night onto the scarf to add a little bit more pink to my outfit.  Oh, I guess I had a pink headband, too.

We had an assembly in the afternoon to see who won the gender defender contest . . . Yes, of course, the girls won!  Because we're cool like that:)

The other day, the moon was really pretty - not sure if it was a full moon, but it looked pretty much like it anyways - it was so bright and beautiful in the clear night sky, with only a few scatterings of clouds around.  The pictue didn't turn out very good, though, but I decided to put it on here anyways.

Hope you all have a WONDERFUL weekend!


Rachel {} said...

I love the ruffles headband!!! So cute!!!

finnishamericans said...

You sure are crafty...just like your Mamma! I made some headbands yesterday too. The ruffle headband is very cute!!

Aimee K. said...

Thanks so much for your wonderful comments!

Christina @ The Tattered Tag said...

So creative, I love the purple polka dot headband, very chic!! Thanks bunches for linking to my blog bash K.I.S.S., always appreciated. :)