Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tutorial: Making an Embellished Folder w/ Handmade Tangs

When Tara & I started exercising, we needed something to keep track of our exercise, weight, etc., to make sure we were doing what we were supposed to.  I went to where all the school supplies are kept to try to find a folder with tangs, but there was only blank folders with pockets on each side, no tangs.  So I decided to make my own.

What you need:
Blank folder
3 long brads (so they'll hold more paper)
Scrapbooking paper
Any other embellishments to decorate

Extra tools:
Some sort of sharp edged point (like a pin - I have a scrapbooking thing)

1. Take a ruler and measure your folder to find the lengh.  Decide how far away from the edges you want your edge brads, and then from that, find the center spot.

2.  Mark the spots you found in part one with a pen.

3.  Using the sharp edged point tool, poke a hole through just the front of the folder.

4.  Use your scrapbook paper and cut/tear out to desired size.  Glue/tape onto the folder in desired area.  You may want to use a lively scrapbook paper - then you won't even have to embellish it hardly to make it cute:)

5. From the inside of the folder, using your sharp edged point tool, poke through the scrapbook paper.  From the front, put your brads through the holes and close them.

6.  Using a stapler, take a length of ribbon and measuring with your pen, staple the ribbon in place so the pen will fit in place.  This way, you'll always have a pen with your folder so you won't have to go searching around for a pen to use.

7.  Embellish your folder in any other desired way.

8.  Make holes in the proper part of the paper you want to put in the tangs of the folder and put them in your folder.

And that's it - you're done!!!

This is, I know, a simple tutorial, but it's also very helpful when you don't have any folders with tangs around when you need them!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  I don't want to go back to school Monday, but I guess I have to anyways:)

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Out in the Fields said...

Wow! You had a very productive spring break:) Love all your cool crafts, and that you have such awesome friends...those are the things that matter most.