Thursday, April 14, 2011

Turtleneck Sweater Redo

Does everyone else out there have some sort of clothes or shoes or something that they just do not wear for one reason or another?  Well, I do.  I've had this turtleneck sweater hanging in my closet for like forever, and I just don't wear it - I don't really do the turtleneck style, I guess.  Before, I've thought about trying to redo it, but then I was like, "What if it doesn't turn out?"

Well, I finally got over that last Saturday and started cutting.  Who cares if it doesn't turn out since I wasn't going to wear it the way it was anyways, right?!?  So Saturday evening I cut the shirt in half all the way up, measuring and trying to keep it even as I went.  (Sorry guys, no before pictures - just imagine a turtleneck sweater.)  That was how far I got that night.

So there it sat, waiting for me to do SOMETHING to it.  Tuesday, I decided I REALLY should finish the crazy thing and see if it would turn out.  So I cut off the turtleneck.  Then I cut around the collar, making it into a normal looking sweater thingy.  I was thinking about just turning all the edges under and sewing it, but then I noticed the fabric from the turtleneck.  It ended up being the *perfect* amount!  I cut up the turtleneck into four even stips.  I sewed them together, end to end.  Then I folded and ironed the whole long strip in half, pinned it onto the sweater, and started sewing.  After I sewed it on and ironed it down, I top stitched it, too.

And there was my free, lovely sweater!  It is kind of exciting to get something new from some old thing sitting in your closet.  Now I'm excited to do some more redo's, since this one actually turned out!  Yay!!!

Would anyone like a tutorial for a turtleneck sweater to this type of sweater thing?

Hope everyone had a wonderful day! 


Tara said...

It turned out great . . . I must say so myself!!

Out in the Fields said...

Cute redo! And it looks very professional

southernscraps said...

Great redo! Love your "new" sweater!