Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Peppermint Candy Cane Brownies & Other Great News!!!

Last night I made Peppermint Candy Cane Brownies for at my Aunt Ramona's today (My mom, grandma, and aunts were organizing old pictures of my grandma's to put in albums and write down who the people were).  I had fun, taking a walk with my cousins, knitting, and other randomness.  The brownies were delicious and you can get the recipe here - it's another wonderful recipe from Our Best Bites.

In other news, Tara and I are starting an exercising program sort of thing.  I really hope it works out.  I think it will, especially since we are writing down what we do, and weighing in once a week.  I hope to lose some weight and be a little bit healthier.  So the yummy delicious recipes might stop coming:)  Unless, of course, I decide I can bake and not eat while I'm making the food or after I make it - because part of our exercise program is not eating snacks at random times ~ and if we do, we gotta pay up - nope, I really don't have any money to spare to pay, so I guess I better stop with all the extra snacks!  But I'd really be proud of myself if I could bake and not snack while I'm baking, or eat the food I bake - I'd be SOOO PROUD OF MYSELF ~ but I'm not very happy about myself in that part of my life, but I do hope and am planning on trying to change that part of myself.  It helps to have someone to exercise and do it with - it's more challenging and you have someone making sure you do what you're supposed to be doing.  So instead of baking and eating all sorts of nummy foods, I plan on eating healthier, crafting, and exercising more!  I plan on updating on my blog how it's going, too, so that should help me make sure I do what I'm supposed to do, also, because I will be held responsible for what I do by all you lovely readers!  So encourage me, help me to be better with my eating and exercising habits and lose some weight!  Besides wanting to lose weight for myself, I need to do exercising and healthier eating for other reasons ~ so all that said, I really do need to do this and want to do it!  I truly hope I succeed!  I finally decided it was time to take action against getting any fatter!!!!

If anyone has any good/healthy/low-fat/low-calorie recipes they'd like to share, I'd be glad if you'd share them with me!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

p.s. Sorry if all my ramblings made no sense at all or if they're in a really random order - just wrote it as I went and it's probably a little crazy:)


Kulla Klan said...

It's wonderful for you to try to be healthier and exercise like you're supposed to, but everyone should know you are NOT fat!!!

finnishamericans said...

I agree with your dear mother! You are by no means fat...be healthy but be careful and don't loose too much n get sick. Thanks for sticking to your blog...it's always fun to read when I get a chance.

Kaia said...

Good job with the exercise! I need to work on not snacking too, even if it's just a bite here and there, it adds up!