Friday, April 8, 2011

The Purple & Black Copy-Cat Bag

I made this bag on Tuesday and wasn't able to get good pictures until today . . .  when I used Rachel's camera instead of Mom's:)

I made this bag for my friend at school, who asked me to make here one, although I never told her I was going to for sure - it's for her birthday, kind-of:)

I made it like I made my Pink & Gray Copy-Cat Bag.  I think it turned out pretty cute:)  I love the simple design on the purple fabric (and the pink on my pink one).  It's not totally plain, it has a simple design, and for these bags I just think that looks really cool!

The bag is decorated with a ruffle and a flower, in coordinating colors to the fabric.  On the inside, there's a pocket on each side of the bag to help you organize a bit.  The inside of the bag is {usually} the coordinating color used for the flower and ruffle - but oooppps . . . this time I forgot to get enough fabric for the inside of the bag . . . oh well, it still looks great!  But I will remember in the future:)  The bag has a long handle, so you can wear it cross-body, which is what I do with my pink bag.

I've used my bag for school; or used it as a purse to go to someones house or shopping, when I needed to bring something with me to work on/find something to match.  It's really a great bag and I LOVE mine!

So do you need a Copy-Cat Bag???  If you do, I can custom make them for you - - - Email me at

I hope everyone has a wonderful day - - - it's kind of sad that Spring Break is almost over - I don't want it to end . . . :(


DANA said...

You have been featured as a finalist on Best of April link up at Saturday Mornings! Be sure to grab your featured button! Here is the link to the announcement!

emilysnan said...

hiya , what a cute bag i love the ruffle and the flower too cute and big congrats on getting into the finals on best of april , i will stop by and give you my vote ,tfs