Monday, April 4, 2011

Caramel Cake & Cowboy Quesadillas ~ My Reviews

Yesterday for supper I made Cowboy Quesadillas.  They were quite good.  I served them with the sauce it has on the recipe and also just plain ol' sour cream and salso - either way is good.

Yesterday, after making the quesadillas, there was leftover of the stuff you put inside.  Today, I took the inside stuff, sprayed a frying pan set at medium heat with cooking spray, and then cooked it up until it was hot and the cheese was melted.  In some of it I made, I added salsa before cooking it.  I then ate it with chips and sour cream and salsa.  When I had it with chips, the corn tasted really sweet to me.  The other thought we had was that we might like it better if we put salsa in the inside stuff rather than barbeque; although it was good with barbeque, we think it'd be better with salsa.

The conclusion:  These are pretty delicious, but I may make some changes to the recipe if I make them again.  I would reccomend that you try these quesadillas - I'd say maybe make a batch like the recipe says, and then in future times, make your own personal changes to the recipe.

To get the recipe for Cowboy Quesadillas from Our Best Bites, click here.  (By the way, Our Best Bites has tons of wonderful recipes I'm planning on trying out and I've tried a few out already!)

Then, for bedsnack, I make Caramel Cake.  I took a picture, but didn't load it onto the computer, so I don't have a pic to put here on the blog.

I actually just took this one from over at Our Best Bites, just so you can kind of get an idea what it looks like . . . except for the fact that it looks WAY different than my cake did. 

The differences??? :
- The one shown is a circular layer cake, mine was just made in a 9x13 pan.
- She sounded like her frosting was hard to put on, but mine was extremely easy to put on - It could be because I put powdered sugar in the frosting and put it on the cake when it was warmer . . . so my frosting was really smooth then, unless I monkied with it:)
- I didn't put nuts on the top of mine  . . . unfortunately (more on that later.) . . .

So last night for bedsnack, we had this with ice cream - unfortunately, it tasted too much like a normal cake out of a box with not very good frosting at that moment (The cake does start out with a boxed cake mix, but other items are added to it - and the frosting is a really good, caramel-ish frosting.)  So continuing on, no, I decided I'm never making this again.  Then this morning, I decided to sprinkle some walnuts on my pieced of cake (actually, I first had a walnut on a piece of frosting that was dripping down the side . . . this cake had TONS of frosting, especially in the middle part) and it was really good.

So when above I said about not putting nuts on the top unfortunately, and more on that later - well, I really wish I had put walnuts on the top - because it made it WAAYYY better!!!!  It improved it so much.

The conclusion:  This is an okay cake.  You definitely need some time of nut, like walnuts or pecans, on the top.  I'm not sure if I would reccomend it, and I don't know if I'll make it again.  For this one, read what I have to say and the original post on Our Best Bites and decide if you want to make it:)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday off from school, or if you have school, I hope you're enjoying it!!!!  Later today or tomorrow, I'll have a post about something I'm in the process of making right now . . .

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Rachel said...

The cake tastes delicious without the nuts.

Tara said...

I have to agree with Rachel. I would recommend it to y'all:)

Out in the Fields said...

I'm sure glad I don't live at your house or I would be very chubby!

Teresa Matson said...

Both those recipes look sooo good!! I need to add them to my 2 week menu!