Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Printable Scrapbooking Note Pages

At the scrapbook retreat, there was some note card sort of things like these, and I really liked them, so I decided to design them myself.  And then I thought other people might want some to, so I decided to share them with all of you!

This is the sheet that I would email you a file for that you would then print off.

I printed this on 3 different colors of un-textured (so you can write on it) cardstock paper so far.

"Facts of the Moment"

"these are the facts"

"Laugh  HaHa  Giggle"

Once you print it out, then you cut each of the three sections apart and into the desired size.

Close-up of the 3 cut out pages (sorry about the bad pic - almost looks like they're all one piece of paper!)

So would you like some of these to use on your scrapbook pages?  All you have to do is email me here, and I will email you the Microsoft Word file for them.  They're so fun, and it gives you a new way to journal.

One of the pages we got at the scrapbook retreat was quite similar to the "Facts of the Moment" one, but it said Once Upon a Time, I think; someone actually just placed a 4x6 picture of them at their wedding on it.  So you could either use this for journaling or a background for a picture on your scrapbook page.  Get creative with it!

I don't have pictures of the pages I did using these yet, but when I do, I'll do a post of them, so you can see some of the ideas of what you could do with them.  If you get these, and scrapbook with them, be sure to show me what you do with them!!

Have an awesome day!

p.s. Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, we have late start, (besides Rachel) because 10th graders have to take the HSPE.  So I get to get up a little bit later in the morning . . . any time later than 6 a.m. is an improvement for me!  Yeah for late starts . . . sad though - next year I'll be the one going and getting up at normal time to go take the HSPE:(

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