Thursday, March 17, 2011

Recycled Lace or Doily Tags Tutorial

These are very cute tags made from tags from clothing, such as jeans - the ones I used are from Target & I really liked them!


For the lace one, you need a tag, a strip of lace (mine was from a skirt I no longer wanted), & a sewing machine threaded with thread the same color as the lace.

1. Get a tag that you like.
2. Cut off any part that goes all the way across the bottom, like seen on this one.  Tags like this one, with just writing on the side and on the bottom work best, as you cover the stuff on the side and cut the part off the bottom.  If the edges are rounded like on this one, round the edges that you cut off.
3. Sew on the lace.  I do it a little bit longer than needed and fold it over on each side.  I also fold it over to the back on the long length.  On this tag, I used 3 strips of stitching length-wise.*  On the tops and bottoms, I did one row of stitching, just over the lace part, though.

*On a different one, the first one I made, I did two rows of stitching - it just depends on how you want the lace to hang.

And you're finished!  Unless, of course, you want to do something on the back, which I'll show you how to do after I show you how to do the Doily Tags.


For the doily tag, you need a doily, a tag, and again, coordinating thread & sewing machine.

1. Get a tag. Cut a doily a little larger than in half, or to desired size.
2. Sew on to the tag.  I did two strips down the side, again folding it under.  I then sewed it around in a circular way to secure the doily down better.
You're Done!

Now how to do the back: You know all tags have stuff on both sides, so I decided I should cover all that junk up.  To do this, I simply cut a piece of paper to the desired size, then taped/glued it down on to the tag.

*With this picture (#1), you can kind of see how I stitched the lace & doily on better.*
Please do better than I did at cutting out paper and gluing it on - I did this quite quickly!  Before I try to give these to anybody, I think I would redo the backs, and maybe use cardstock paper rather than regular printer paper because you can somewhat see through it.



Now all you need to do is go whip up a few tags - they're simple & quick to make and they're so cute!

Have fun with it!

Hopefully I'll have another fun tutorial coming up soon:)

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what a great way to re-purpose an old tag... oh no! another thing that I might not be able to throw

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You know I love "tags"!! Super cute! Thank you for linking up to my K.I.S.S. blog bash last week. This weeks blog bash is in full swing again!! If you haven't already please be sure & link up more of your creativity, I look forward to seeing all your great ideas. :)

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