Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bronwyn Laci

Bronwyn Laci is my darling, little, annoying, cute, spoiled sister!  Yesterday, I made a pink ruffled headband and decided to give it to her, so then I was taking some pics of her.  Some of them were pretty cute, and some of them were plain out hilarious!!!!  I just thought I'd show them to you all:)

tongue stickin' out:)
Walker & Bronwyn
The cutie-pies:)
She was like shaking her head around and "whipping her hair around" and a few just looked like they kind of sorta went in order:)

I (sorta) did this post because I haven't posted anything for a while and I decided I needed to post something . . . don't want to not post anything and let my blog get too boring!  I really, really, really need to start doing some more crafting - I've made a couple things lately, but there not of enough quality to show you all and they didn't exactly turn out the way they were supposed to:(  But I guess by practicing and playing around with things, eventually I'll get something that I like and I'll get more creative with the more stuff I do!

I can't wait for Saturday to go to the scrapbook retreat . . . It's going to be soooo much fun!!!!  I have to make some butterhorns sometime this week for the scrapbook retreat.  I don't want to exactly, but I guess I'm going to anyways because I should contribute a snack just like everyone else is:)

Hope you had a wonderful day!

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