Friday, July 18, 2014

The Perfect Salads

I think if I could choose any job I wanted, ever, I know what I would choose.  It would be a fun job.  To me.  I would find pleasure every day in it.  I would make food.  Prepare it.  Dish it out.  Make it pretty.  Serve it.  Food that people could enjoy looking at and eating.  Simple or fancy.  All beautiful.  And delicious.  I can dream.  What is your dream?

Salads.  Yummy.  Refreshing.

A simple side salad of greens and tomatoes.  Using what we had on hand.  In the fridge in individual servings and ready for the next meal.  Perfection.
Simple Side Salad: AJcrazies by AJK

A salad that is the meal.  A main dish.  Grilled Chicken & Craisin Salad. Greens. Cheese. Craisins. Grilled Chicken.  In the refrigerator.  Ready for lunch tomorrow.  More perfection.  My favorite "Go-To" salad.
Grilled Chicken & Craisin Salad: AJcrazies by AJK

Grilled Chicken & Craisin Salad: AJcrazies by AJK

Drizzle ranch dressing over the top before I eat it.  Yumm.  Or if you desire . . . Honey Mustard.  Poppy Seed.  Any other dressing to dress up your salad and make it something that makes YOU happy.

Have a wonderful day.  I will enjoy my refreshing salads.  You can, too! 


Kaia said...

Maybe you'll find a job in a cute little cafe or something--that could be fun!

anne somero said...

You could open a little salad café!