Thursday, July 24, 2014

Day 8 w/ Our Finn Girls: Bus Ride, Shopping, & More

Wednesday.  In the morning we had a continental breakfast from the motel.  Then on the bus driving.  Errr .. riding.  We went to the Woodburn Outlets and were there shopping for several hours . . . a few hours too long.  Don't get me wrong . . . it's not that I don't like shopping, just with the shops they had there I didn't really find anything!  Except a pair of Nike's that I wanted ... well, that I still want from the Nike Outlet.  And . . . on some of the different Finn girls' blogs I've seen that several of them purchased the sames ones I wanted when they were out here!!

Umm . . .the only picture I took that day . . . with my phone! :)

 Oh well though . . .  Anyways, they don't have very many choices for lunch their either besides Subway, so we got that for lunch. :(  Then back on the bus to go back home after a wonderful trip!  Back to the church we went.  From there we headed home for a couple hours  . . . and then we headed back to church for the first service of Conventions that evening.  Coffee after church and then we all headed to Rick & Kathy's for volleyball and another enjoyable evening!

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