Saturday, July 19, 2014

Day 2 w/ Our Finn Girls - Oregon Coast Trip 7/3

 On the "young kids" bus . . . it was filled all the way!  The other bus also had more young people on it (and ours had a few that weren't as young:)

Emma & Josefine




Our first stop was the Tillamook Cheese Factory.  We were on our own, but we were supposed to eat lunch here.  Touring the factory, sampling cheese, eating lunch from the cafe, eating ice cream, and the gift shop.

Amanda & Pamela

Eating Lunch - William, Tara, Bethany, & Clifford

At Tillamook, some of the Finn guys had bought rubber band guns.  It made for some amusing rubber band "wars" back on the bus . . . Fun times!!!  Pamela had went down the aisle and was laying on the ground getting a bunch of rubber bands that were sitting there to shoot to the back of the bus . . . it was amusing!!

We stopped at a viewpoint to see the ocean.

People looking out at the ocean.

A really neat picture, even if it didn't turn out the best!  Most of the Finn young kids along with a few other people. 

Our next stop was Seaside.  We were there for a few hours.  We could do whatever we wanted . . . go to the beach, shop in town or whatever we felt like doing.

The beach.

Some of the girls going out in the water. 

Some pretty flowers I saw when I was walking down to the beach.

After our time at Seaside, we hopped back on the bus and drove a few minutes to a different part of town to get some supper.  Taco Bell, Subway, or McDonald's.

Me and Pamela 

After that we headed to the Astor Column.  Man, do you get winded running (or even fast walking like I did) up all those steps!  We all were quite winded by the time we got to the top!

View from the top.  The two buses in the center are the buses we rode all day.  They are quite nice! 

Headed down the stairs.  Twirly-whirly!

The Astor Column - Another one of those places I'd never been to before! 

And the bus trip back home.

It was SUCH an enjoyable and fun day!  So many wonderful memories!  I was so glad I was able to be a part of it. :)