Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Day 7 w/ Our Finn Girls: Trees of Mystery

The second day of our bus trip to California.  First thing in the morning we checked out of our motels and then went next door to a restaurant for a buffet breakfast.  Not so good.  To say the least.  Anyways, after that us 3 girls and Sari went on a walk to waste some time and went down to the beach in Crescent City.  Got back and hopped on the bus for the short ride to Trees of Mystery.

Everyone walking in after we got off the bus.

Paul Bunyan & Babe the Blue Ox

Pretty much right away we headed up to go on the Sky Trail.  The best part of the whole place!  Ha ha;)

Jonas, Me, & Rachel in the gondola.  Not sure what he thought about being with us but he had been waiting for the shuttle when we went to get on it so we just rode the gondola together, too.  :)  It was a little bit scary at times but then it was just fun!  The whole thing goes at the same speed at the same time so there was several times when we slowed down a lot which was when people were loading and unloading from the gondolas at each end. 

Tara & Sari 

At the top waiting to get back on.  There was a place you could go up to look at the view, but it was all foggy so you couldn't see anything.

Me, Tara, & Rachel .

Our view heading down. 

Hey, we know you guys!  Fred & Anna-Karin and some of the other Finn girls. 

Looking down out of the gondola. 

After we got down, we talked with one of the Finn guys for a bit while he was waiting for some of the other guys to get down from the trail that you could go down from at the top of the Sky Trail.  Then we headed down the trail and spent quite a while in the gift shop.  Then back we went up to go on the Sky Trail again and found Josefine, Emma, and Tonja waiting in line so we joined them!

Tara, Rachel, Me, Josefine, Emma, & Tonja.

In the gondola - Sari, Josefine, Tonja, & Rachel. 

In the gondola - Me, Emma, & Tara. 

Hey, we know you girls, too!  We were with these girls part of the time, as well. :) 

Sari by the 2000 year old tree (??). 

Emma, Josefine, & Tonja. 

Rachel, Tara, & Me. 

Some of the Finn girls:) 

Just sitting outside and visiting, waiting until it was time to go eat lunch. 

The Finn guys along with Anna-Karin and Fred. 


Right in here somewhere we went to the lodge across the street to get some lunch.  It was another one of those kind of ehhh..... meals.  Oh well though, the food wasn't the part that mattered; it was the fellowship and fun of being with everyone!

Fred & Anna-Karin - Our awesome group leaders!! 

After we left Trees of Mystery, we drove a short ways to the Tour-Thru tree.  Obviously the buses weren't going through it, but we stopped and walked up to it.

People coming from the bus. 

Part of the group. 

Johanna, Louise, Sofia, Josefin, & Marlene.

The Finn guys - Oskar, Samu, Kent, Alex, Anders, Vilhelm, Josef, Jonas, Martin, & David - being "different" . . haha! 

Emma, Tonja, & Josefine. 

Me, Rachel, Emma, Tonja, Josefine, Sari, & Tara. 

The WHOLE group (that went to California) . . besides one of the group leaders who took the picture, Marianne.

A lovely picture of the beach through the bus window. 

We headed to Roseburg, Oregon, where we were staying that night.  The motel was lovely!  We got our rooms and then headed out to look for some supper, after we waited for "our" girls.  We walked a long way going uphill to find something to eat.  I should have worn tennis shoes; they probably would've prevented me from getting the big blisters on my feet!  Anyways, we ended up with supper at Dairy Queen . . . with a grilled chicken burger . . . that tasted like a hot dog!! Ewww . . . excuse me, but while I have nothing against hot dogs, if I get chicken, I kind of expect it to taste like chicken . . . 

Back at the motel no one was really around doing anything so Rachel & Tara went swimming and I just hung out until I decided to start running on the treadmill.  I did that for a while until I decided I needed to change clothes and put on tennis shoes if I was actually going to run so I went and changed.  And proceeded to run for a while until I was looking like a dying cow.  And it was like 11:00 by then and I figured I probably wasn't supposed to be in there anymore!  Meanwhile, other people had went swimming and been in the hot tub.  Awhile later, we found a bunch of the group in the conference room playing games so we went in there for a while and played a couple games.  Then we all headed outside for some volleyball.  What would be a day without volleyball?!  I love it though, even if I'm not very good at it, so it's all good!  Played volleyball for a while and then headed back inside to the conference room, where some had slowly straggled in from outside and were playing games.  Didn't look like anything I really felt like doing so I headed back to the room.  Later Rachel went to give Sari the key and they were outside playing volleyball again.  Which resulted in a disappointed self, especially when I found out that they had stayed up til like 3 in the morning.  What?!!  What all fun did I miss out on? :(  Oh well, I'm still thankful for all the fun times I DID have!

Well have a wonderful day, as always!

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