Monday, July 21, 2014

Days 4, 5, & 6 w/ Our Finn Girls

Day 4: Saturday.  I didn't take any pictures but Rachel & I went shopping at the mall with the girls in the morning and early afternoon and then we came home and got ready for the wedding at 4:00.  We went to the wedding and then that evening, Tara & I ran to the store and then met up with the Gilkerson's and their Finn girls at Yo Factory.  After that we headed over to Rick & Kathy's for a fun night of volleyball.

Day 5:  Communion Sunday.  Our group had to serve in the kitchen that day.  After church, Tara & I headed over to Mint Lake where a bunch of young kids had went.  Rachel was already there with our Finn girls.  Had fun sitting in the sun and visiting.  Some people were in the lake swimming or wading or whatever.  Some people were playing volleyball (obviously!).  Made for a fun afternoon.  After that we were all invited to Kelly & Becky's for a barbecue birthday party for Alex (one of the Finn guys).  So we headed over there for supper, volleyball, and birthday cake.  And it was a fun evening. :)

Yes, everything was fun.  I know I keep saying that.  But it's because it's the truth!  I truly had such an amazing time those couple weeks!  Those were the days that made my summer amazing!!

Day 6: Monday.  Well, early morning start.  At the church at 7:30 along with everyone else going on the bus trip to California.  It was such a pleasure to be able to join the Finns on this trip along with a few other Americans.  It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

This was a fairly simple day, during the day.  The evening though?!  Oh my, FUN!!!  We stayed at a motel in Crescent City.  Rachel, Tara, Sari, and I had a room together.  Once we were settled in our room we headed outside and waited around for some other people.  Our Finn girls and a couple other awesome Finn girls came with us and we headed into town to find something for Supper.  We ended up at Denny's . . . it was an okay supper.  After supper we headed out and there was a Safeway so we went there.  Some of the Finn guys were there, too.  It was quite the amusing shopping trip.  The funnest time at Safeway I've ever had.  Just thinking about it makes me laugh!!

After Safeway, we headed back to the motel . . . having a lot of fun as we went!!

Emma, Louise, Josefine, Tara, Tanja, Sari, Me, & Josefin

When we got back, some of the girls asked if we wanted to play volleyball, so we took our stuff to our rooms and headed out into the grassy field behind the motel to play volleyball.  Fun times, I'm tellin' ya!

(Stole the pictures from Rachel since I didn't take any that day.)

We were there until about 11:00 until we had to be in the lobby . . . to make sure everyone was there I guess?  Anyways, we were in there for a while until most everyone said good night and headed to bed.  Except some of us . . . well, we didn't go to bed right away!!  We were just standing around outside for a bit.  First, we were watching the boys being crazy.  It was absolutely hilarious!  They were climbing up the rails and throwing suitcases up and having another guy catch it and climbing on the roof and climbing in and out of their bedroom window.  Oh my!  Ha. Ha!  (Okay . . . am I even supposed to share that? :p ) After they finished with their fun, we played some volleyball in the front parking lot.  That is, until we got yelled at for being too loud (Sorry, Sir!) and headed across the street to the empty Subway parking lot and played volleyball there.  And then we said good night.  For real this time.  And all went to bed.  Until the next morning . . . .

And more later on that:)

Have a wonderful day!


Josefine said...

hei Aimee!
It's really nice to see all the pictures and read about what we did when we was there! It was so fun! I miss the USA..

And u are really good at photograpy!! :)
(sorry my english.. ;) )

Aimee @ AJcrazies by AJK said...

Hi Josefine!! So good to hear from you! Thank you:) And your English is quite good! Miss you!