Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Headband & Hair Clips Sale!!

Need some beautiful hair accessories?  Buy them here!  There are even some items with discounted or final sale prices, as I'm trying to clean out my "inventory" so I can make new stuff:)

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Red Pearl Headband - $4.50

Red 3-Flower Headband - $4.00 - discounted price!!

Black Stripe Ruffle Headband - $3.75

Lace 'n' Flower Headband - $3.75 discounted price (because flowers should've had one more layer)

Pearl Bud Headbands - $4.25

Black Pearl Headband - $4.50

Felt Flower Hair Clips (on french clip) - Final Sale Price!!  Only $1.00 each!!  It's your last chance to get them, so if you want them, buy them now!

Yo-Yo Hair Clips (alligator clip) - $1.25 - discounted price!!

Red Pearl Flower Hair Clip (alligator clip) - $1.75

I also made button headbands for the Under the Lilacs sale.  They all sold, but I would be willing to custom make any for anybody who wants them.  Each is a unique headband with lots of different buttons of different colors and styles sewn onto a headband (the area the buttons are on is not stretchy, just the back area is elastic).  I LOVE this headband of mine.  I wear it all the time because it just basically goes with ANYTHING!  Order one today for only $4.75.

If you want to buy something, just leave me a comment here.  I will be posting some more stuff in further posts of different kinds of things:)

Have a wonderful day!!


The Raggedy Garden said...

Do you think I should reserve somefor when I come out? I would like to get some of each.

Aimee @ AJcrazies by AJK said...

Yes, Anne, I think you should reserve whatever headbands you want, just in case someone else wants some things:)