Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Anthro Apron Knock-off

I made this apron for our Under the Lilacs sale, for me to wear, so if people had questions about a certain item, they would know who to ask since our names were on  our apron.  So I kind of decided to go all out because that's what I felt like doing!!  The apron is a knock-off of sorts from from the  Anthropologie "Tea-and-Crumpets Apron".  I used more colors than they did, but I was just using scraps we had, so that's more creative anyways!!  The name is just printed on fabric and just basted on so I can easily take it off if I want to.  I really liked how this apron turned out though and just thought I'd share it with everyone!! 

Have a wonderful sunny day!!


Kulla Klan said...

Very cute - you did a great job:)

Brandie said...

This apron is darling! I know now who to order one from ;)