Monday, May 14, 2012

Crafter's Weekly - week 15 - activity w/ children

What do you know?  I didn't do the challenge.  How 'bout anyone else?  I'm just so out of ideas for what to do for crafter's weekly.  I need to get a list out so on Monday, doing my crafter's weekly post, I'm not sittin' there searching my brain, trying to figure out what this weeks challenge is going to be.  Does anyone have any ideas?

Here's some ideas I kind of thought of:

  • make something w/ fabric you wouldn't normally put together
  • make a hot pad
  • make a pillow/pillow cover
  • and I'm not really thinking of anything else:(
So does anyone have some ideas to add to my list?  It can be to make something certain, or use some certain object in your craft . . .

Comment if you have some ideas!

This week I'm going to say the challenge is to make a hot pad.  Everyone can use hot pads: keep it for yourself, give it as a gift, sell it, etc.

Did you do an activity/craft with a child this week?  Link up below!!

Have a great HOT day!!  And comment and give me some ideas for crafter's weekly if you have any!!

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Missy said...

How about a cloth tissue holder for people to put in their purse or Use a sock to make something??? maybe using a shirt to make a doll? I know some of my nieces have made dolls that way and so has Kimberly.