Monday, June 11, 2012

A Belated Birthday Gift: DIY Whiteboard & Keychain

For my cousin Katrina's birthday, I was having the hardest time deciding what to make her.  Earlier, closer to her birthday, I had made the key chain, but I needed something else to go with it.  Now finally on Saturday I got to making the rest of her gift.  It was actually pretty easy and quite fun to make!!

I simply took a frame and painted it white, then took a piece of scrapbook paper the size of the frame (8x10") and scrapbooked it a bit to make it cute and fun!!  I wrote "To Do" and "Words of Wisdom" on it, so she can either write reminders to herself of things she needs to do (I do that all the time on my whiteboard) or write bible verses or quotes on it.  (I think I need to make myself a whiteboard like this either for the bible verses or the notes, because they both don't end up fitting on my whiteboard:)  Then I simply added some flowers I had made onto the corner to jazz it up a bit:)

Wah - lah!!!  A DIY whiteboard since the glass works the same as a whiteboard!!

This is the key chain I made Katrina - the front and the back.  I used black and white cotton fabrics and then cut out a felt "K" and sewed it on the front to personalize it and make it cute:)  I really love these key chains.  The tutorial is here.

Hope everyone has had a wonderful day!  And hopefully I'll start doing blogging again . . . school's out after this one last week . . . and my oldest brother is graduating . . . . crazy!!

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