Monday, June 25, 2012

Hallway Shelf Redo

 Well, I didn't actually redo the shelf . . . I just put different stuff on it - here's how it was before:
1. Full of all sorts of junk and randomness (yes, I know that was SOOO cute!!)
2. Pretty much empty, probably still a few bits of junk.
3. All pretty and cute and happy!!  Now!!

First I had been looking through some paper, and had seen the paper that the words are on.  Afterwards, I saw this bottle I had painted pink a long time ago, so I was I decided to use the paper as my main piece to match things up to.  I had also wanted to include the burlap rolled flower frame I made before.

For the bottle:  I had previously painted it pink (just with a brush and acrylic paint), so I added a strip of burlap and tied it on with ribbon.

For the flowers in the bottle: I found a couple sticks outside and put them together.  Then I added some yo-yo flowers I had made before by simply hot gluing them to the sticks and adding buttons in the center.

For the frame:  I found a photo of the kids and edited it on PicMonkey using Cross Process (I think) and then printed it out on cardstock paper and put it in the frame.  The cross process made it match so perfectly!!!

For the word thing: The words came from a card example.  I took part of a doily and put it on the paper and then added some brown/paper bag colored paper on top of that.  I printed out the words on pink paper and tore the edges of them and put on top of paper - cute & simple, I think:)

For the banner:  I took scraps of fabric and cut long strips of them, just random widths and lengths and tied them onto a piece of twine.  It's definitely not a "perfect" thing, but it's still kind of cute and adds a lot to the wall.

Have a wonderful day!!


Missy said...

Nice job! That is very cute and creative!

Christine said...

Super cute, Aimee!

Pamela said...

SO COOL!!:) Good job!