Sunday, March 11, 2012

Thoughts About My Blog & Other Stuff

I feel as though my blog is a boring place to come and visit.  That it has just become a blog where I post a post that I HAVE  to post.  And some of those have not even got posted.  I made excuses . . . I was to busy, so I just kind of skipped them.  The time has come for a change to my blog.  It needs some more craftiness, because you know why, the craftiness has left it.  Slowly over time it just left.  This blog became another chore, rather than the fun joy it should be.  

So CHANGE needs to come.

I read to much.  Reading is good.  But not when that's all you do.  When it makes all your craftiness leave you.  That was all I did.  I read Love Inspired and Love Finds You.  Christian Romance.  Reading pulls me into a book.  I feel like I know the characters.  I need to finish the book before I can stop and do something else.  I don't spend all my time reading on purpose.  I have plans to do other things: crafty things.  But then I don't have "time".  But I really do.

My blog seems to have become stiff and formal; impersonal.  And that's not what I have in mind for my blog.  I want to interact with others.  I want people to comment.  I want to get to know my fellow bloggers.  I feel I need to share of myself on this blog.  My feelings and thoughts about things.  Not every little detail of my life, no.  But when reading a blog, don't you want to know about the person who wrote it?  Feel like you know them?  Understand them and want them to succeed?  I feel like blogging should be interactive with others.  I know I do not do a good job of that.  I don't comment very often.  I've stopped linking up my posts to linky parties.  But I should spend more time with comments.  Let them know you like what they made.  What they wrote.  Does your blog have PERSONALITY?  Or is it just there, droning on about this or that.  {No, I'm not criticizing anyone's blog!}  But it feels like my blog is just like that.  It has no real interest.  I share a recipe.  You might want to try that recipe.  But what's the story behind it?  What happened when I was making it?  There's a story behind everything!  I should share that story.  Be more personal.  Make people actually want to read my blog and find it interesting.

I feel like I am sharing myself with you.  That you can know me a little more now.  You know, in public - say,  school or church, I do not just go and talk to someone that I don't know really.  In church, I'm with my cousins.  Everyone has their own little group.  I don't want to invade on someones group.  I would feel out of place.  I may know say one person in the group, but know one else.  In church, I'm with my cousins.  That's it.  If they're not there, I wander around with nothing to do.  I'll try to get my baby sister to hold so I have something to do, so I don't feel so stupid wandering around by myself.  Now if people from church are reading this, I'll feel like an idiot, but oh well, I guess.  And at school.  I'll talk to people sitting near me.  Or if we're in a group project or something, you're forced to talk to them, and then sometimes you will talk to them more, say "hi" in the hall, smile at them, or something.  And then there's the people that you get to know.  People that you're super excited that you have a class with them.  Like I got to know this one girl my Freshman year in high school.  And I didn't have any classes with her first semester my Sophomore year.  But 2nd semester, I have P.E. with her.  It makes me excited to go to that class.  To have some one to talk with, to have someone to run with and be partner's with.  Makes me feel less the "loner" and more like "someone".  Because she was the only one I knew in the class.  But that's not the only reason I'm glad she's in there.  I truly appreciate her as a person, not just because she's the only one in the class.

Anyways . . . I'll probably leave you there.  And something is probably going to be confusing, because I didn't proofread this post all perfectly or anything.  But you can probably still get the jist of things:)

And I just want to share with you a couple series of posts I just read because I appreciated them.  And I want you to be able to appreciate them too!!

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Out in the Fields said...

I appreciate everything you had to say! I feel the same about blogging, it can become a chore which is not the point. Maybe you are the kind of blogger who can't be too structured-or pressured. I don't share a lot of long personal things on my blog because to be honest I don't have time to read that stuff on other blogs! I like pictures and a few words, then I have time to check on a few blogs and move on without wasting my day.
But some people love to write and that has a place for those with a lot of time, but not me. You've really challenged me to try new things so I love your blog and also because I've gotten to know you through it:)

Judi K said...

Aimee, Your blog is not boring to me. I enjoy getting to know your personality through it and I do like to see your recipes and appreciate your honest reviews of them. If you didn't like it, I probably wouldn't make it but if you say your whole family just loved it, I think that's one that I should try. Your crafts are fun to look at too. You are a very talented person. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me. And do feel free to come up and talk to me if your cousins aren't at church. I love it when young people take a moment to say hello or share a hug or just a few words. Keep up the good work.

Christine said...

I think we've all been there, Aimee! My blog goes through bursts of writing and then nothing. Mostly my every day life gets in the way, but sometimes i wonder if anyone even reads what I write! :) And I am the wordy sort, but I've decided I write for *me* first and if other people read it, then good. I like your blog, I am just horrid at commenting! Do share more of yourself! It's what makes blogging fun.