Monday, March 12, 2012

Crafter's Weekly - week 9: Make knock-off

Last week I decided to make a bag for my knock-off.  I didn't have the color of fabric I would've wanted (the color in the real one), so I used this pink that I had a ton of:)

I had saved this picture of this bag from Mod Cloth to my computer a long time ago, liking it and I thought I would try to make it.  This bag I made does not look near the same as the one from Mod Cloth, but I still think it turned out pretty cute.

This bag is made of pink cotton pleated layers, 2 handles, a lining of a cream with black design, an interior pocket, and so on:)  I decided it would be cute to make some flowers from the lining fabric and put them on a pin to clip to the bag; it adds a little extra cuteness!!

This bag will be for sale at a sale I'm doing this spring!

If you did a knock-off, please link it up below!!  And sorry guys, for all the delays with Crafter's Weekly:(

This week we get to make a card that has something stamped on it . . .so get those scrapbooking and stamping supplies out and see what you can come up with!!  I'm looking forward to this challenge:)

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Monday! 

I'm really excited to start doing some more crafts for the Spring sale I'm doing, so hopefully I'll be posting some of that stuff on here!

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Out in the Fields said...

Cute bag! I hoped you would continue with the crafter's weekly even if so few join keeps me motivated:)