Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Card Technique 1: Graph Paper

It all started when we got some new scrapbooking idea books in the house.  As I looked through each book, I noticed not only the whole card or page layout, but the different techniques and ideas that were used in the scrapbooking.  One of those ideas was using graph paper - I saw this in both a scrapbook page and card.

So I wanted to try it out.

It was something that's just kind of around; like some of us have needed it for school, so we have it.  It's not something fancy for scrapbooking, but it works!!  It's exciting to see that you can just take every day things and make them into something pretty when you're scrapbooking!

In the card above, I simply tore on one edge, and then inked the graph paper so it would go with the card.

Some other ideas are using the graph paper as a mat for a photo or stamping a flourish or words or something directly onto the graph paper.

What do you think of using graph paper when scrapbooking?

{this card, along with others I'm making, will be sold at a sale later this spring}

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