Friday, July 12, 2013

Snickerdoodle Poppers

These were so yummy!!

While they were good with the "cream" pudding in them, I think I actually liked them better without the filling.  I know several of the kids really liked the pudding in them, so I suppose it's personal preference:)

These are made of canned biscuits fried in oil, rolled in cinnamon sugar, and filled with vanilla pudding.

I didn't use the actual biscuits the recipe called for; I just used the kind I had on hand, so I'm sure it would work with most any kind of biscuit.  Also, you don't need NEAR as much cinnamon sugar as it called for . .  not sure how much I actually used though.

While they're probably not something you should be making all the time . . . I still think you should try them:)

The recipe is found here.

Have a wonderful day . . . and eat some wonderful food!! :)

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