Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Lately . . . What's Been Happening Around Here

A post with a conglomeration of things I've been doing lately - some crafts, some organizing, etc.

I've did a bit of scrapbooking lately.  
One day I just kind of felt like doing it so I took out my supplies and made a few cards.

I also made a scrapbook page of Hunter using a picture I took at school in my black & white film photography class.

We noticed our closet shelf was sitting empty and that it would work perfectly to stick all our boots up there . . . especially since we're not going to be wearing them in the summer anyways!

I got a desk as an early birthday present, and I'm enjoying having it:)  You can read a story about the desk here.  There's also another project I want to do . . . remake a lampshade for my lamp:)  I really like the lamp post thing, but I don't like the lampshade, so I need to get that done sometime.

Speaking of pictures I took at school in my film photography class, I finally decided to hang some of them up so I could actually see them, rather than having them stuck away in a binder:)

And Tara (and Bronwyn & Morgan) FINALLY got a bed . . . it's probably a little more comfortable than sleeping on the floor:)  It does kind of need a new bed set for that size of bed though .. and a bed skirt:)

Have a wonderful day, everyone!!


Out in the Fields said...

Wow, you've been busy since summer began! Lots of fun stuff and I love that the bed went to your house too:) We need to plan a craft day this summer!

anne somero said...

Great stuff, Aimie!