Monday, February 13, 2012

Crafter's Weekly - week 6: Make an outfit / article of clothing for a child

Last week we were to make an outfit or article of clothing for a child.  I decided to make a dress and pantaloons outfit for my sister, Morgan, for later this spring and summer.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to finish the pantaloons, as I didn't have the right size elastic.  I will show you the whole outfit later when I have the pantaloons done:)  But for now I have the dress done, so I will show you that!!

This is my first time really making any clothing from a pattern, so I had questions for my mom and stuff, but I basically made it all myself.  Well, all of it except the buttons and button holes.  I didn't want to ruin the dress by doing something wrong with the button holes or sewing the buttons on in the wrong spot!!

Dress Front

Dress Back

I used Simplicity #9784 for the dress and pantaloons.

This week we get to get out the camera's!!  Take a photograph, edit it, and make something with it.  Frame it, make a plaque, . . . get the idea?  Have fun & be creative!!

Link up you outfit or article of clothing for a child below!!


Designer of Creative Essentials said...

CUTE!! :) Nice Job! I will try to do next weeks challenge! I love pulling out my camera so it will be AWESOME! BTW good ideas for your challenges! :)

Out in the Fields said...

Great job! Looks like Morgan will be a well dressed gal this spring.