Monday, February 6, 2012

Crafter's Weekly - week 5: craft using buttons

So this week we were to make a craft using buttons.  I did a simple & quick craft, but otherwise I probably wouldn't have gotten it done if not for this challenge:)

I made a button headband.  I saw a headband similar to this on Pinterest sometime, but not sure where it's actually from.  I simply took a headband that was non-stretchy on the main part and had an elastic section in the back,  found a variety of buttons, put them in an order I liked, and sewed them on with the sewing machine.  If you made a headband like this, you could do a certain color theme, like a couple colors, or you could do monochromatic, like shades of gray/black or pink, or you could do like I did, just a random variety of colors.

What did you make using buttons?  I'm super excited to see if anyone made anything with buttons:)  Link up below.  The button code is on the sidebar.
Next weeks challenge is:

Make an outfit / article of clothing for a child.

I will get a list of the upcoming challenges as soon as I get it ready.  If anyone has any ideas they want to share for challenges, drop me a comment, please!!

Have a wonderful day, everyone!


Out in the Fields said...

What a great idea! I love buttons on headbands. I'm glad you are going forward with the challenges even if only a few of us join in! How about doing a photo challenge to get us out using our cameras, or a pillow challenge, or something to put in a frame or painting something, or a greeting card...just some ideas! I won't feel bad if you don't use them tho:)

Danica said...

I LOVE it, SO cute!! :) You are VERY Creative:)!!