Monday, January 30, 2012

Crafter's Weekly - week 4: make a child's toy

(sorry this post is up a little late in the day)

Last week we were supposed to make a child's toy as the challenge.  I was not too enthused or excited about this challenge, apparently.

When you start your weeks challenge on Saturday night, I suppose the project was doomed to fail to begin with.  (At least mine, because my mom's turned out!)

Do you need a list of why it's a COMPLETE, totalFAIL?!?!

Nah, I didn't think so . . . but, here it is:

  • It's too wide.
  • It's not tall enough.
  • The wheels & windows look idiotic & stupid.
  • Edges that are supposed to be round or curved are straight or squared.
Yeah, you get what's wrong with it yet?
Any who, I guess it's just learning and the idea does have potential.  It would need to be taller to match it's length, and maybe doors and windows and other decorations should be glued on after, rather than sewing them on?  Yeah, we may work on this and get a cool thing out of it.  Or maybe not.

It was supposed to be for like a baby gift, and you see the ribbon in the back?  It was supposed to be like hung on those ring of baby toys that you put together or something.

Well, I hope all your projects turned out better than mine!!  Link up below!!

Next week we are to make a craft using buttons; fun, fun!!  Buttons are such fun!  We just hope it turns out better than the child's toy one:)  Yes, I do laugh at that like every time I see it.  Like die laughing.  It is HILARIOUS!!  
Hope everyone has had a wonderful time crafting:)

Link up your child's toy project below!!

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    Out in the Fields said...

    I don't think its bad at all! Remember little people only see shapes and stuff, they won't care if the size isn't proportionate. Pierce would love it, he'd grab it and start chewing:)