Monday, January 9, 2012

Crafter's Weekly - week 1: Scrapbook page that uses fabric scraps

So last week we were to make a scrapbook page layout that uses fabric scraps.  I chose to use burlap on my page.  From this challenge, I found out that you can basically use fabric like you would paper on a scrapbook page - it just gives you a different texture than would paper.

I wasn't that pleased with how my page turned out this week.  I used a sketch for inspiration, but the page still did not turn out how I imagined it would:(  Oh, well, I guess ~ at least I got the challenge done!!!

This week's challenge is to knit something.  Don't know how to knit??  Maybe you can make your challenge be to learn how to knit.  Once you learn how to knit, it is really quite simple!!  I'm excited to see how the project I want to do turn's out!!

Now if you did last week's challenge, link up below!!

Also, if anyone has any ideas of things they would like to see as challenges, drop me a comment and tell me what that would be:)

I'm excited to see what everyone else did using fabric scraps on a page layout!!

The button html code is on the sidebar.


Out in the Fields said...

I like your page very much:)

Kulla Klan said...

Good job - I like the burlap idea!