Thursday, January 19, 2012

Anthropologie Knock-Off: The Ruched Bag

So like forever ago, I mean really, forever ago, I saved this picture of this bag because I really liked it and thought I could maybe make it.  I finally bought the fabric for this bag the other day.  And then I made it on Monday.  Obviously, it's not exactly the same, but it has the same effect as the Anthro one.

How 'bout the price difference?  Obviously mine is only cost of fabric, not time or anything, but still  . . . I kind of like my price better than theirs!! 

Inside there are pocket's on each side.  The straps are long for wearing it cross-body.

The design of this bag will be used in The Ruched Collection 2012, probably coming out at a bazaar (Artisan Fair, probably).  So I want your feedback.  Do you like this bag?  Do you like long handles for cross body, 1 short handle, or 2 short handles?

Hope everyone is having a wonderful crafty day!!  Hahaha; today my day was not a crafty day.  I planned on crafting, but then I just didn't feel like it after getting home from school:(

p.s. You may have noticed, but I'm getting my Etsy shop going again.  I will be adding more stuff, a couple things a day.  Go check it out!!


lyssamay88 said...

Cute! Not sure if I'd like long or short, but I think the braided handle on the other is neat. :)

The Treasurista said...

Would love for you to join my link party...

~The Treasurista

Out in the Fields said...

Really like your take on it and the price is unbeatable:) I tend to like 2 shorter handles for a purse and one long for any other type bag.

Mindie Hilton said...

Very cute bag, you did good girl.
Thanks for sharing at Bacon Time.

Lexie said...

SO CUTE!!! :) I wish I knew how to sew... I think my mom was planning on teaching me soon... You are so talented!! :)