Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"It's kind of bazaar" {Bazaar Progress}

Here are just a couple of the things in progress/made for the bazaar.  There's still other things I'm planning to do, but I need to go to Joann's to get some supplies . . . and some things I've simply not got done yet:(  I need to start working really hard to get everything done - I've only got about 2 weeks left!!  Can't believe it's upon us already:)

I've now got most of the headbands of the work in progress pic done, and they others are all put together, ready to put on alligator clips & a couple more headbands (I need to get more headbands).

I will also be making more bags once I go and get the fabric.

I am wondering about maybe making some belts similar to The Red Garden Belt, but I don't know for sure yet.  It will probably depend if have time or not.  Of course, if I really want to, which I kind of do, I will just make time for them:)

I am also doing some other things that aren't pictured, and some butterhorns.  They went pretty well last year:)

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!

I need to go clean now though, because the kitchen is kind of a mess - we just won't talk about it, kay:)


Grammy Goodwill said...

Good luck. I have 4 bazaars I'm hoping to shop this Saturday.

Out in the Fields said...

Wow! You've gotten a lot done:) Everything looks really fun and interesting, so I hope they sell well. Thanks for answering the ?s too.