Thursday, October 27, 2011

Baker's Review Wednesday Button

So I made a button for Baker's Review Wednesday, because I indeed will be having a linky party that will start next Wednesday.  I'll have more details about that next Wednesday (like how long the linky part will be).

I would love it if anyone wanted to join in on this . . . . course I don't expect it to start out very big at all, if anyone links up even, but I think it would be fun to see other people's recipes & reviews:)

It will be a linky part where you would link up a recipe & review.  Even just a recipe - you've seen how I do it ~ sometimes a recipe & review and sometimes just a recipe!  So however you like.

Here's the code:  (it's also on my sidebar).

<center><a href=""><img border="0" src="" /></a></center>

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!! 

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