Friday, October 7, 2011

Fall "Canvas" + Free Printable!!

So a while back I made this "canvas" using this fall printable I made on My Memories Suites.  I have not loaded on any pictures on the computer until just now in like FOREVER, so that's why no blog posts lately:(  Need to get better at that!!  (By the way, did I tell you all I bought a digital camera last month some time - just a point-and-shoot, but better than none at all!!)

So I started with a shoebox cover.

And then I covered it with tissue paper.

Arranging everything . . . the printable & ribbon; inking and such . . . 

The pretty details . . .

Love the bunting!

It's so cute & fun for fall decorations!!
 And here's the printable just for all of you lovely blog readers . . . simply right click and save, open it in Microsoft Word, make it the size you want it, and print it on cardstock paper (white or cream - I used cream).  Either frame it, or do something like I did above.

Viola!!  Simple & cute new decoration - for free!!  (Or very cheap . . )

Also, I am planning to do a bazaar this year along with my Mom, so I'll be busy crafting to get ready for that.  I believe it's scheduled for the Saturday before Thanksgiving, so I'm going to have to get busy!!
Have a wonderful weekend!!

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Out in the Fields said...

Super cute! I'm glad you have a table at the artisan fair:)