Sunday, August 14, 2011

Confirmation Classes: August 4 ~ Part 2

Tara had wanted some pictures taken up at Grandpa & Grandma's beautiful place, so in the afternoon, I took a bunch of photos of Tara . . . here a few of them:)  Enjoy!
In front of a chest of some sort - love the look:)

In the dried out fields - was surprised how cool it looked!
In front of the chest again . . .

Some of Grandpa's old machinery things that line the driveway in the background . . .

In front of pallets on an old gate.

In the beautiful lawn . . . I think the grass is so beautiful!!!

LOVE this picture with all the pallets in the background!!  On the gate again.

Enjoy & have a wonderful day!

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Kaia said...

AND you're surprised that it looks cool.. now I'm offended! tee hee.. jk. I like that one in the field!

Out in the Fields said...

Very nicely done on all the photos! I love the old wood pallets as back drop.