Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Confirmation Classes: August 2

The second day of Confirmation was another beautiful day!!  I took the pictures after we were home for the day.  The classes were supposed to be from 9-3, but I think every day we got out early:)

These are some beautiful flowers at grandpa and grandma's.

It was so amazing how it was like all one flower bush, but the colors changed in different shades of pink and red.  They are so, so pretty!!

And a beautiful sunset:)

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Anonymous said...

These are the Hollyhocks that Grandma grew last year. The first year they are not suppose to grow flowers (Grandma's did though) and they come each year. Grandma gave most of us children a plant last spring. The morning Grandma died, I remembered my plants growing and hurried out to see if they were still there or if the deer had eaten them when we were gone. It is very special to me how God provided a flower for me, from Mom, this summer (I am still waiting for mine to bloom). Grandma grew them last year and said they aren't suppose to bloom until the second summer. Last week I asked Grandpa how many plants they had blooming and he counted 5 or 6...it looks like one big plant...SO SO pretty! God is good to us! Love, Aunty Clara