Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Decorating the Organ + In Memory of Grandma Tile

I decided it was probably about time to change the decorations on the organ - it's been red, white, and blue ever since memorial day.  There were a couple things I for sure wanted on the organ, which were the Vintage Frame and the "In Memory of Grandma Tile" I had just made.

From there it went to some vintage, older look together with some more modern, bright colors.

1. I layed down a white ruffle runner that I used at the Memorial Day Party.
2. I put the tile on one side and the frame on te other.
3. I put a glass jar pedestal thing behind the tile.
4. There was a tile that was sitting on the organ behind some stuff for some time that Clayton (?) had made for Mom for a gift at school.  I put that on top of some old-looking books.
5. I placed a mirror (taken from the Headband & Hair Clip Holder) and placed it a little to the right of the center at the back of the organ.
6. I took a brown glass pop bottle and placed it near the mirror.
7. Finally, I found some bright orange and yellow flowers to put in the pop bottle and glass jar pedestal thing.

The tile I made in memory of grandma.  I printed out a picture of grandma, "In Memory of Grandma", and the first verse and chorus of the song the grandchildren sang at Grandma's funeral.  I modpodged all that on, and also some flowers taken from a flower arrangement someone had given.  Finally, I glued on some buttons on the side (w/ hot glue).

The song we sang (tune: What a Friend We Have in Jesus)
Grandma, you are precious to us
That is why we sing this song,
And today our hearts feel empty
With the thought of you being gone.

But we know you loved your Jesus,
And leaned closely to His breast
Now you’re safely there in Heaven
All your cares are put to rest.

Jesus was your friend most precious,
And you loved to tell of him,
That we’d have our sins forgiven
In His precious name and blood.  (Chorus)

As today we bid our farewell,
And you go to meet the Lord,
That you’ve longed to see forever,
On that bright and glorious shore.  (Chorus)

Do not worry about us, Grandma,
We will see you soon someday,
And we’ll all be home together
Singing praises all the way. (Chorus)

Have a wonderful day!


Tara said...

Clint - not Clayton.

Out in the Fields said...

How sweet to do a memory tile and what a nice pic of your Grandma. I love the bright colors of the arrangement on the organ. I have not been feeling crafty at all these days!

sincerely yours said...

That was a special song and it sounded nice when all the grandchildren sang. We ask God to bring comfort to your hearts and may he bless your journey towards heaven's shore. Did one of the grandchildren write the song?

Aimee K. said...

Thank you! Jana Seppanen wrote it originally for her father-in-law's funeral. By the way, Sincerely Yours, who are you?