Monday, January 31, 2011

Cheesy Tuna Melts

Cheesy Tuna Melts are something I've not had in a LONG time!  They're really good and WAY better than just plain tuna fish.  Enjoy!

Those are just some simple instructions -- and they are simple:)

1. Place the desired amount of tuna, mayo, and cheese in a bowl.

2. Mix together.  Add more mayo and cheese until you have the desired amount. (Just depends how you like your tuna - how cheesy/ mayo-e) (no, I don't think mayo-e is a word).

3. Meanwhile, toast your bread to desired crispness.  Spread tuna mixture on bread.

4. Turn oven onto broiler.  Place pieces of bread on wrack and bake until cheese is melted (just a couple minutes).

5. Enjoy!!!!!!

By the way, it seems that the word desired got used WAAAY to much in this post, but it was an adequate word and it worked:)

So, I hope you all have a wonderful day!


Tina B said...

My son David (8) came home from my sisters and told me how to make these. He was surprised I even knew what they were called! He thought it was an extra special thing only my neice knew how to make.

Aimee K. said...

I first had these at my aunts a year or two ago. They were really good so we asked her for the recipe. It's nice to have something simple and good to eat. That's funny that he thought it was something only your niece knew how to make:)