Saturday, January 29, 2011

Welcome to AJcrazies by AJK

I hope you'll enjoy my blog!  I love to craft - sewing, scapbooking, painting, etc.  I also cook (which is sometimes fun) and also clean (no, that's not so fun).

On my blog you'll be seeing recipes, crafts, tutorials, and just things from my daily life.

This is what I gave my cousin and friend, Pamela, for Christmas.  I had fun making it and I hope she enjoyed it.

I spray painted the frame brown.  I used my scrapbook paper and decorated it with pictures, emebelishments, etc.  Once I had put the paper and glass in, then I used some super sticky tape stuff to put the ribbon on top.  I really liked the colors of this frame.

Love, Aimee


Tara said...

It looks beautiful:) I'm sure she loved it and I am glad that you got a blog!!! Love your sis

Aimee K. said...