Monday, September 10, 2012

Morgan Elaine & a Cute Lil' Ruffle Dress

So now it's the beginning of a new school year . . . at the end of last school year, I made this dress.  It was sitting there for a long time waiting for the last ruffle to get on it.  I finally got that done in August some time I think, but then I never got pictures done so I could blog about it.  At the end of August, I wanted to take pictures of Morgan at the neighbors house because she has so many lovely spots for taking photo's and I ended up having her wear this dress . . . and I am in LOVE with these photo's - they're all so darling!

One of my very favorite photo's - totally in LOVE!!

My neighbor picked some flower's for Morgan and let her have them . . .

She didn't like her spot here and was crawling down:)

She was getting crabby by this point, but here she was okay because she was just sitting there staring at the dog!

Lookin'at/smelling the pretty flower.

Sittin' in a cute lil' chair:)

Yeah, she was staring at the dog again!

A good shot of the dress:)

And another one I love . . . I like the backdrop with the cute old bench and her eyes again!!

This dress was made with the same base as this dress I made for Bronwyn, but then I added all the ruffles.


Abigail Spaulding said...

Beautiful baby and dress!
Love & God's Peace,


You did a great job . . . on the dress and the photos. And, of course, I agree . . . I'm in love with her, too:)

Out in the Fields said...

Love the dress! And my favorites are the one of her on the bridge with her back to you and the first one. Great photos

Missy said...

Very cute!

Molly Joy said...

Very cute!! I need to make one for Vayah!